Preparing for a tenant and Landlord information

Have you been thinking about renting out your property? There are a number of things you should check before your property is ready to put on the rental market!

  • Have you installed smoke detectors and do they comply with current Smoke Alarm Legislation?
  • Has your property got a Safety Switch and has it been checked by an electrician?
  • Are all electrical power sockets, light switches and any other electrical appliances in a safe working condition?
  • Have you left operating booklets for appliances and any inclusions for the tenants use?
  • Have you arranged your Public Liability Insurance usually covered in your building insurance?
  • Building insurance needs to be kept up to date, and there should be adequate contents insurance to cover curtains, carpets and any other inclusions for tenants use
  • Have you arranged Landlord Insurance?
  • Are all glass panels secure and intact?
  • Is all fencing and gates secure? Pool fencing – does the safety fencing around the pool comply?
    Has it got a self-closing gate and a resuscitation notice on the fence? This is required to comply with Council regulations on pool fencing
  • Carpets need to be professionally cleaned and if animals have been on the property a professional flea treatment is required
  • Are all gutters clean of leaves and debris?
  • Three sets of keys are required – two sets for tenants and one set for the office

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